Sunday, March 16, 2014

Frozen birthday party

"Some people are 
worth melting for!!"

Yesterday, we had a blast celebrating Ariel's 8th birthday with friends and cousins, "Frozen style"!!  Here is our take on a "Frozen style" party!!


Snowman Buttons

 Snowman Pizza
Snowman-shaped cheese pizzas:  one had a white sauce (Ranch dressing) and the other normal pizza sauce (a BIG thanks to my dear friend who hung around for a bit after dropping off her daughter and helped me create these!!)

 Snowman noses

Snow Dip (and apples)
This is my favorite fruit dip yet!!  Easy peasy... use one box of white chocolate instant pudding, but mix it up with buttermilk instead of normal milk.  Then fold in one 8 oz tub of cool whip.  Viola!!!  Nummy!! 

 Ice Cubes
Three layer jello jigglers (blue, purple, blue):  These layered jello jigglers have become a staple at birthday parties and also a regular that we take to parties.  Easy recipe as well - each layer contains 2 cups boiling water mixed with 2 small boxes of jello (same color/flavor) and 2 Knox jello packets.  Let this layer harden in the fridge, then do a second layer, and then repeat again! 

 Snowman Popcorn
A decorated snowman face on a clear cup filled with popcorn

 Melted Snowman drink

And, last but not least - the CAKE!!!!
A sweet momma made this homemade from scratch, gorgeous cake for Ariel.  It is Elsa's snow castle: a hexagon shaped layered cake, complete with glittering snow (frosting with sprinkles), ice (rock candy) and sugared-snowflakes!!  What talent she has!!!  Isn't it lovely?!

Fone was our little activities coordinator for this party and has been for many of our parties lately.  He has taken this role over so beautifully, does it all on his own, and really does a tremendous job!!  I am so proud of him!  For Ariel's party, he created a treasure map that included the 4 games and snowflake-shaped clues were given after each game was completed.  Each clue was a code letter that they had to break - and the 4 letters, from solving the code spelled the word "EVIL".  It said to rearrange the words, then that new word would have part of a room in the house where the treasure would be found....  "EVIL"  ------> "LIVE" -----> would lead them to the LIVE-ing room.  There they would find the treasure (goodie bags, of course!).  Here are the games he planned....

Marshmallow Attack
This one was fairly simple.  Fone had colored and made the Marshmallow Monster from the movie and the girls threw snowballs at it and attacked.  After each girl had their turn, they received a snowflake clue.

Do you want to build a snowman??
This one was probably the favorite of all of them.  It also took a while, and made us lose some time on the last game.  But, man oh man, it was a riot!!  The girls were divided up into 4 teams.  Each team got a snowman building kit (2 rolls of TP, tape, hat and scarf, construction paper and scissors) and we put them each in different rooms of the house, so as to not "cheat" and "steal" other's ideas. They did a great job and had such a blast with this one.  I think from now on, our birthday party gift of choice will be toilet paper and tape!!  Hee hee!! 

Pin the Nose on Olaf
Mario, our artist, drew a huge Olaf character and Fone made the carrot noses.  Then, just like Pin the Tail on the Donkey, we spun the girls around and they had to give Olaf his nose.  A classic game, but always fun!!

We found and printed these mazes for each girl to do, but we ran out of time for them to actually complete them (because of the awesome timewe had with the snowman building game).   No worries - as they ate cake, Fone worked them through this, gave them their last clue to find the treasure.  

**Goodie Bags/Party Favors**
Each girl received, as their treasure, a lovely decorated brown paper bag - decorated by the birthday girl herself!  In it were some fruit roll ups, chapstick, Snowman Soup (see picture below), Snowman Parts (see picture below) and some other goodies. 
(large marshmallows, candy corn, stick pretzels, and chocolate chips)

(mini marshmallows, hot chocolate packets, candy cane)

I think, I great time was had by all!!  
Happy 8th birthday to our sweet girl!!

++Thank you, God, for Ariel, for 8 years of life with her, and birthday fun with friends!!++

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