Thursday, March 6, 2014

Have you had enough snow??

Are you in agreement with Miss Rose's cutsie shirt about snow?  Most likely, if you are from this area, I'd say most of you will let out a groan about now.  This winter has been very extreme indeed for our area.  Temps below zero and a snowstorm every other day has become the norm. Our kids' Cruce Signati class for homeschoolers was canceled this Monday - a cancellation in March due to snow - cRaZy, I know!!  And that was the second major snow we had in the month of March alone - the first one came on March 1st.  Will the snow and this winter ever end??  Yep, most of us have been questioning that.

I ask you now to look at that pretty baby now, who has JOY just radiating from her and read this beautiful reflection that a dear friend wrote and shared on Facebook yesterday...

♥I absolutely love the snow, what an excellent reminder of what mortifying our senses means to us during our Lenten journeys? To embrace those crosses the way Our Lord did. What a blessing that, while it may be cold outside, we have thousands of plow trucks paving the way that we may cautiously arrive at our destinations safely. That grocery stores are filled with enough food to keep our bodies nourished and that our homes provide us the heat that we may remain comfortable inside while we watch the beautiful snowflakes fall from the sky. May this Lent remind us that through these little sacrifices we make with a joyful heart, that the beautiful springs of life and our souls may be ever more appreciated♥ God Bless♥                    ~Teresa O.

Thank you so much to my dear friend, Teresa, and that beautiful sharing and for giving me permission to share it on my blog.   A good reminder to us all that God has allowed for this winter and He wants us to find Him and find JOY in it.



picture taken from Teresa's house
for the snow!!!!  
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