Friday, November 16, 2012


...our newest addition to our family - our sweet baby girl, "Rose". She was born last Friday in the morning via c-section. Our house has exploded in PINK again after the last two were boys.  Here's her birth stats....

birthday:  November 9th
time:  9:48am
weight:  6 pounds 15.8 ounces
height: 19 inches
proud siblings:  






I had shared my prayer request earlier last week so that I could count on all of you to lift me up in prayer during the c-section, since it was going to be my 7th.  Thank you all who prayed for us!  

The first half of my c-section went very smooth.  From the first cut until dr reached baby was maybe 15-20 minutes.  Her apgars were very good - a 7 and an 8.  They did all of the first tests, weight, footprints, etc... in the operating room just off to the side, so that I was able to see it all.  After that they gave her to Neil to hold to sit next to me for the remainder of the section.  But...  the second half was a little unexpected and something that had never happened to me before.  My spinal had started to wear off and I had a lot of feeling and was in a LOT of pain.  I truly don't know how the doctors continued with me laying there, "ouch, ouch, I can feel that.  owww...", but they did.  They put their "game face" on and continued amazingly.  My anesthesiologist was working extra hard filing my IV one after another of narcotics to take the edge off. It was unbelievably scary and painful, but all the "Haily Mary's" got me through plus I was able to remain calm and my heart rate and BP stayed in normal limits.  Poor Neil had started feeling lousy seeing me in so much pain that he had to hand off his little "Rose" and was escorted out of the OR to get better himself and so that he didn't have to continue watching me be in so much pain.  Near the end, with the last couple linings to sew back together, the bleeding wouldn't stop.  Whenever a suture was made to put things back together, I kept bleeding.  And, because of this I have developed a hematoma (a blood sac).  Right now, it looks like a nasty bruise - the entire width of my scar and it goes up about 3-4 inches on my belly.  It will either be absorbed or will leak out my scar.  So far, there has been no leaking.  The spreading out of the bruised area shows my body is trying to absorb the blood which is good. 

As with all babies that we have brought home, there is definitely a transition time....  some more smooth than others.  This one has had a few bumps and we are still dealing with them. So, please pray for us...  "Rose" is having some nursing issues with being a preemie and having a poor suck, my hematoma (blood sac) is still a concern, and I now have developed high blood pressures that the doctors are keeping a close eye on.  Thanks in advance for your prayers!!  

Thank you God for our sweet little "Rose"!


  1. Absolutely Beautiful! Prayers that all heals up and there are no more bumps in this transition.

  2. Congradulations!!! She is beautiful. Enjoy her! We also just had baby #8 via c-section (she was our 7th c-section!)... So, they grow quick! Blessings, Talia

  3. Such a beautiful little girl! Her siblings appear to be loving her - congratulations!

  4. Absolutely lovely - you are all in our prayers



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