Monday, August 18, 2014

10 things we love about you...

Our sweet Melody has now officially hit double digits!!  
And you know what that means - we all get to share 10 things that we love about her!!!  

#1- how she is good with babies and is a mini-mom
#2-her cute smile 
#3- how she is so good with Rose

#4- she is my sister and plays with me
#5- how she loves to play similar video games as I 
#6- her willingness and love to help around the house especially when loving and helping with our lil Rose

#7- how she loves to read, read, read
#8- she is such a good little student and works so hard at school 
#9- her personality is "bright"

#10- she is unshakeable in stressful situations

Happy 10th birthday dear Melody!!!  
We love you so much!!!!  

++Thank you, God, for this sweet girl you have blessed and graced us with for the last ten years.  Please continue to live in, around and through her all the days of her life!!++

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