Friday, January 23, 2015

7 Quick Takes and an Instagram Recap

I'm so sorry that I have not been blogging very much.  Just the story of my life - loving these young ones and keeping busy with the normalcy of being a momma and teacher to them.  You can catch me so much easier on Facebook and also on Instagram though - it's just so much quicker to add pictures or posts there via my phone.  So, today's 7 Quick Takes is mostly a recap of my latest Instagram photos....

I've been a busy lady painting peg doll saints for the last two weeks.  I had to make 20 dolls to swap and trade with a group on Facebook.  We can't wait to get 20 different saints in the mail in a couple weeks.  Any guess on who this little guy is?  Two symbols that he is often pictured with are a flaming torch and a crucifix.

It's January, so why not do some swimming, eh?  Swimming lessons indoors, of course!!  All 6 big kids are taking lessons right now!

Fone and Mario took part in an acting camp last spring and absolutely loved it.  And we all know how much they love acting and being on camera, starring in Funny Boys Productions!  Anyways they have been begging to take part in some sort of acting class again.  So, we bit the bullet and signed not just Fone and Mario up for classes, but also Melody.  Two weeks at it now, and they are really enjoying it.

Both big girls got haircuts earlier this week.  Melody had many inches cut off, and Ariel had a few cut off as well.  I think their hair looks great, don't you??

This sweet girl!  Here is Rose rocking in my great-grandma Johnson's rocking chair reading a book, by the Christmas tree.  I think we can all agree that she IS absolutely adorable...

Tonight, we had our monthly freezer cooking.  Seriously, I think freezer cooking is a huge sanity saver for me.  It's so wonderful to have a nice selection of meals to pull out to feed your family many times each week with no prep.  And, many are crock pot meals, so all you do is dump the meal in the crock pot and turn it on.  Easy peasy!!  We made BBQ chicken, cheeseburger pie, breakfast burritos, mozzarella meatballs, chicken cacciotore, chili, and more!!  Such a wonderful, productive night!

Now, I know this is the only non-instagram recap, but I have to include a shout out to these very handsome and talented young boys.  If you are on YouTube and would like to subscribe to their Funny Boys Productions channel, I know they would most appreciate it!  Here are two of their latest videos....


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