Friday, January 23, 2015

Diaper wreath tutorial

My sister had her first girl last week after three boys, so as you can imagine, that house will be exploding in pink!  My sisters and I have gifted each other with a diaper wreath during our hospital stay after having the last few babies, and I've made my sister-in-law one with her last few babies as well.  They are such a fun, easy gift and it makes a lovely decoration to hang up at home for awhile too!  Melody was my little crafter and completed all but the last steps of creating it this time.  Here are the steps to create a diaper wreath:

Step 1.  Wrap wreath/ring in a color of your choice.  We use a styrofoam ring, and they are easy to find at your local craft store.  You can secure the ribbon by stapling it or using push pins, and you only need to do this to the ends.   

Step 2. Cut many strips of curling ribbon.

Step 3.  Attach diapers to wreath and tie on with curling ribbon.  Keep going all the way around until the whole wreath is covered.  

Step 4.  Attach baby items with curling ribbon and attach a larger loop to hang the wreath from.  We included these items this time:  baby sleeper, onsies, diaper cream, baby toy, and infant's tylenol. 

Isn't it such a beautiful gift to give a new baby?!!  

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