Friday, January 16, 2015

A good morning song for you... (and Yoda!)

For years, I have sung this song to my kids in the morning.  First off, I am not a singer, although I love to sing to my kids and to Jesus. [My husband is the singer in the family, remember?  His name is Neil Young.  ;)]  So, once my kids have grown up a little and learned that, unfortunately, this song kind of makes them cringe hearing mommy hit those higher off-tune notes. But, God gave me this voice, so I'm still going to keep singing.  I love how the traditions you create and the kids are so used to day in and day out, become part of their own life, part of their normalcy.  So, what song do they greet their baby brother with in the morning?  The ever-so-famous-song-sung-to-them-for-years song!   :)

++May God bless you this day, each and every day!  Good morning, good morning, good morning to you!!++

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