Thursday, February 12, 2015

Baby "Bandit" Bibs

Sometimes baby #8 just needs some new things of his own, right?  I splurged and went shopping on amazon for some new bibs for Yoda.  They just don't make bibs like they used to, and the bibs with the velcro attachment just doesn't hold up.  I've found out after purchasing many different styles that a good bib MUST have the snap buttons to keep it from coming off.  We made it through with our last couple drooley babies with cheap velcro bibs because the snap ones were impossible to find.  And our drooley little guy is wetting his sleepers so much, I thought I'd do a quick search for "snap closure baby bibs".  What a pleasant surprise it was to find these absolutely adorable and might I add - super unique - "bandit" looking bibs!!  I didn't know which brand to buy, so I bought two different brands, both in the "bandit" style.  And, I absolutely love them already!  Cute as can be and going to work perfectly for keeping lil Yoda's clothes dry, although I'm sure he'll still go through a few bibs each day!

Drooley baby, he is!  

Cute bibs, they are!

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