Sunday, February 22, 2015

It's Lent!!

Lent began just five days ago, and I'm already behind on what we *should* be doing.  But we have jumped in to Lent and have started with some of our regular traditions....   We've started our devotional and our Jesus tree.  The stations posters are hung (although we have yet to pray them so far). Our printable Lent calendars are hung.  But we have lots to do still.....  We need to make our crown of thorns.  Need to start Holy Heroes Lenten Adventure.  Get out our Easter books.  Just another reminder to say "yes" and accept each day as it comes with what He has in mind for us and our journey of faith and renewal.  

Here's a little peek at our Lent journey so far....

Mario turned 12 on Ash Wednesday.

We had his birthday party on Friday.

Saturday, Neil took the two big boys skiing with the Community of St John.

And, today, we had Mass and a birthday party for my nieces.  For our family prayers tonight, we did 5 days in 1 for our Jesus tree (yeah, we have many "catch-up" days like that!)

Busy, busy, busy!!  

Yes, Lord, yes!  
Your will be done.  

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