Friday, May 20, 2016

Gender Reveal in 7 Easy Steps

Last Friday, I announced our pregnancy here on the blog.  Thank you all for your love, support, and most especially your prayers.  I'll need them for sure and appreciate them greatly.  And, as CrAzY as it sounds, this week I get to share the gender of our precious little baby.  What?  I know already?  Oh yeah!!  Today's post is "7 Easy Steps on How To Do a Gender Reveal".  Enjoy, my friends!!  

#1- Take the Informaseq Blood test.  It tests for Downs and Trisomy, but the BIG thing is...  it also tests gender.  And is 100% accurate on the sex.  This is the second baby we have done this for, because it's a newer test and wasn't available for my other pregnancies.  Plus, the cool thing is that it can be done much earlier.  Much earlier than the 18-20 week ultrasound that you are just hoping baby isn't crossing his/her legs for.  Anyways, I had my blood test done last week and was only 11 weeks along.

#2- Answer the phone when your doctor's office calls and tell them "yes" that you want to know over the phone.  Shhhhh!!! Don't tell anyone!!  (Except I did tell hubs, but not the kids - they got the Big Reveal!!)

#3- Go shopping as soon as you can!!!  How many kids do you have?  Me?  I have 8.  So, I bought 8 boy things and 8 girl things, plus 8 gift bags (or you can wrap the items, if you wish.  I'm lazy.  And busy.  Gift bags work best for me).  Obviously, I knew which items we would really keep since I knew the sex.  But kiddos didn't.  A few of my kids were at their homeschool history class, so I only had the 5 littles with me.  They got to help me pick out things and had a blast doing it!  But again, they had NO clue which items we'd be keeping!!  Now if you are able to shop alone, then only buy the sex you need.  I bought items for the other gender as a cover-up so my crew didn't know the secret yet.  (**don't forget to keep the receipt, because the items of the wrong sex should all be taken back**)

#4- Stuff away!!!  Put the correct items that match the gender from your phone call from your test into the gift bags (or wrap away - your preference!).  Don't forget to shut or lock the doors.  Or threaten kids to NOT PEEK and STAY AWAY.

#5- Take a cheesy picture of the kids.  For fun and a great "before" picture, but mostly to stall as long as you can.  And get everyone to smile perfectly.  Again more stalling.  You have to get the "perfect" picture!

#6- Take a video of the kids opening the presents/The Great Reveal.  You can't forget this one.  You will love to go back and re-play and watch it over and over.  Especially the really great actors of the family!  Where's my video?  Scroll to the bottom of this list.  I *have* to make you wait.  At least a little bit.  ;)

#7- SHARE AWAY!!!  Other than texting family and close friends the day of, this is my blog and Facebook reveal!!  Enjoy...

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