Thursday, May 12, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

What a wonderful Mother's Day I had on Sunday with my crew!!  We began our day with Mass - our  girls sang (Melody song-led) and our older boys served.  Below is our first attempt at our My Sunday Best picture for this week.  Poor Ariel has terrible allergies and the slightest bit of sunlight makes her eyes watery and squinty.  Notice the big smiles on my two with transition lenses in their sunglasses - lol!  They can see perfectly, aren't bothered one bit by the sun and I'm sure aren't even squinting, but it makes for goofy outdoor pictures since it looks as if they have their shades on.

Then we got to drop Fone off for his last Alladin play and we watched it as a family.  My parents and one of my sisters and her crew came to watch it too.  Fone did a fantastic job and we are so proud of him and all the hard work he put into it.  (not to mention - a pat on the back to mommy and daddy dearest too who drove him to practices over the bridge 3-5 days a week!)

While Fone and the rest of the cast of Alladin went on "strike" (theater term for tearing down the set and picking things up), we went to a nearby park and let the kiddos play.  Then we all went out to eat as a family to celebrate.  Here's a second pic for My Sunday Best.  Notice, Fone is stripped to shorts and a t-shirt, because this is what he wore under his costume.  The rest of us were still in church clothes, so it still counts, eh?  Lil Yoda is getting so much fun to take pictures with!  He now says "cheese" and gives the cutest cheesiest smile!!

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