Friday, June 17, 2016

A Visit to the Corn Palace

The Corn Palace

This was one of those "short but sweet" visits on our vacation.  We went here on day one of our driving and spent a little over an hour here before heading back to the hotel to swim.  We were warned already by my sister (who had been there before) that it was cheesy, and I can 100% agree that it is.  But, I'm still glad we went.  Sometimes those cheesy things are the things kid remember and love.

All the kids ran through the corn maze...

Playing in the corn was loads of fun...

The art, made from ears of corn, was SO cool.  The front of the building (first picture) was decorated in a ROCK theme this year....

Be prepared for the attractions out west - you will visit a museum/rock/statue/building/monument and then there's the infamous trip to the gift shop!  We were prepared and didn't let the kids buy buy buy and burn a hole in our wallets.  One thing our kids always look forward to, and we've been doing this for quite some time now, is buying a magnet from every place we visit/vacation.  So, it's always known we WILL go through the gift shop, find and buy a magnet, and that very well may be the only thing we buy.  And, that's ok.  And, what's really neat is to see all our magnets together on our fridge downstairs and all the places we have visited throughout the years!!  A great tradition to start and something small/simple to buy in those zillions of giftshops you'll be going through anyways!

The Corn Palace was a bit CORNY but a memory we won't forget.

And, then ending our night with cousins splashing and enjoying the pool couldn't have been more perfect!!

Have you ever been to the Corn Palace?
What did you think?
Pretty CORNY, eh?

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