Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Badlands

The Badlands

One of the first pull offs (at least from where we entered) was an area where you could get out and be at the top of the cliffs.  And, oh boy, was it beautiful!  Amazing!  Breathtaking!  Like nothing you've ever seen before!  But... this momma kept her ducklings close to her (yes, even the big 'uns) because a little slip could sending you falling down those cliffs and we don't want to talk about what the ending would be.  But, man, were the views absolutely gorgeous!!

Our favorite pull off was an area where we entered at the bottom of the rocks and everyone could get out and run around, walk around, CLIMB around (this was the best part for our 6 big kids!). I had little Yoda in the ergo and walked around holding Miss Rose's hand.  We had a great time watching, snapping pictures, and trying to keep up with the climbers from down below.

My rule was that if you climbed up, you surely better have a way of getting down.  And, this actually proved to be a tough challenge for many.  Especially little Pookey.  Here's a look at his rescue from his Aunt Laura and Uncle Jeremy, the heroes of the day!!

Mommy/Baby selfies...

Don't forget to keep going through the Badlands loop!  You'll not want to miss these little cuties popping out of their burrows....

What an awesome time we had in the Badlands.  Definitely a favorite from our vacation Way Out West!!!

Have you ever been to the Badlands?
What did you think?

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