Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Hidden Mickey Fun

So, there's no hiding that we are a Disney family!  All it took was Neil and I going for our honeymoon, and we fell in love with the place.  We couldn't wait to have kiddos and share with them the "magic" of Disney World - the "happiest place on earth".  And truly, next to Mass/Adoration and time spent at home as a family, our third favorite place would have to be Disney.  Truly!  And, for any non-Disney lovers out there, I have to say - that you can't really know unless you've been there.  So, no judging please....  ;)

Of course, we love the rides, shows, and food, but another small but HUGE thing we love is strolling through the park and being a spy and finding the Hidden Mickeys sprinkled here and there.  So, when we are not getting our Disney fix through an actual vacation, we listen to Disney Parks music, watch Disney movies, watch ride/show videos on YouTube, look at and watch our own pictures and videos and stay up to date with friends/family making trips there and even a couple Facebook groups devoted to sharing Disney things multiple times a day.  This is SO much fun because we can experience the joy in a small way be seeing pictures and hearing about others who are at Disney that very day.  And on one of these such boards on Facebook the other day. this sweet lady shared what her husband had gifted her with for their anniversary.  He spent 60 hours and created this Beauty and the Beast doodle for her, and included 14 Hidden Mickey's in it.  (note:  a hidden mickey is the shape of Mickey's head and ears -think Where's Waldo - Mickey style!).

I couldn't keep this find all to myself, so I immediately shared it with the kiddos.  What fun they had searching for them and the hunt-and-find was a success!  All 14 were found!!!

The talented man that created this has his own Facebook page as well, where you can see his drawings and doodles - aka: beautiful pieces of art!  Feel free to visit it and see the talent he has been blessed with.  You will be WOW-ed!  I tried to convince Mario and Fone to take a stab at creating something like this, because they are both amazing at drawing.  We'll see - maybe the next Hidden Mickey creation I share will be one of theirs?!!

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