Friday, May 20, 2011

Changing over of seasons

Happy and blessed Friday to you all!  I'm taking part in another Five-Minute Friday.  Today's topic is "When seasons change".... 

Ready, set, go!!!

Here in the mid-west, we truly get the "best of the best" when it comes to the seasons.  When one season is dwindling down and we are ready for change, we are blessed with a new season right around the corner.

The long hot, dry days of summer become the cool, crisp, colorful days of fall. 

The dampness and dying of life in fall is covered with the crystal, beauty, and sparkling snow of winter.

The deep freeze and cabin-fevered bodies of winter changes over to the newness of life in spring.  (Now, If I were to pick, this is definitely my favorite of all.  Warmer temperatures.  No coats.  The reasons for being outside are endless!!)

And, not that I can offer much complaint about spring or maybe it's my dread of the heat of summer....  but the lovely days of spring must become the hot, hot, hot days of summer.  A few weeks of temps in the 90s would make this fair-skinned momma with fair-skinned children happy.  But, turning on the air and sunscreen is doable too, because I always have in mind the change that is right around the corner...  the cool, crisp days of fall are coming up next!! 

And, that's what I love about the four seasons kind of life.  When you've had enough of one season or are too comfortable living in one, a change in weather occurs to stir things up! 

Thank the Lord above that throughout all this change and newness, His guiding, leading, and loving presence is always the same! 

Ding!!  That's all for now!

Now, won't you join in on this fun challenge of Five-Minute Fridays??


  1. From another mid-west girl, we DO have the best changing of the seasons!
    Beautiful post and a beautiful family too. :)

  2. Yes, I'm a mid-western girl, too. I know what you mean!


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