Monday, May 9, 2011

What to do with old Birthday cards??

It's as easy as...1...2...3...!!!

1- take the birthday cards and 3-hole punch them
2 - cut three pieces of yarn/ribbon
3 - thread and tie the yarn/ribbon through each of the holes

There ya go!!  A simple, little "scrapbook" to remember your child's birthday by - created in less than 5 minutes!!  If you have time and want to spend another 5-10 minutes, simply open a Word document and cut/paste a few pictures from the actual party to print and that can be the title page to your mini-scrapbook.  For busy momma's like me who have NO time to scrapbook, this is an easy way to remember those special days without having to be away from the family too terribly long. 

**another tip...  if you look at the title page, you will see Max posed with all his birthday presents and it forms the words "Thank You".  Of course, this serves not only as the title page to the "scrapbook", but also a perfect little thank you letter to send out!! 

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