Monday, May 16, 2011

Multitudes on Mondays

"Give thanks to the Lord, invoke his
name; make known among the nations
his deeds. Sing to him, sing his praise,
proclaim all his wondrous deeds."
-1 Chronicles 16:8-9

As a family, we are counting our way to One Thousand Gifts (and more!).  Here's a peek at some of the gifts that our family has received this past week....

#181- no coats or sweatshirts to have to take with to Mass
#184 - warm breezes
#185 - lots of outdoor play and first picnics of the year

#187 - listening to the birds and bugs with wide-open windows while going about our day
#188 - leftovers = easy meals and a cleaned out fridge
#189 - bumping into cousins unexpectedly at the library and piano lessons
#192 - 3 great days of school this week
#193 - sweet Little Flowers friends for Melody
#196 - successful referrals
#197 - brunch with my Grandma in the nursing home to celebrate Mother's Day

#200 - lego's to inspire creative play and are played with on a daily basis
#202 - Daddy Date Night at Village Inn during the Little Flowers gathering
#203 - no rain for the outdoor Mary Crowning
#204 - beautiful end-of-year homeschooling Mass and potluck afterwards
#205 - a phone call to offer babysitting for our upcoming 11 year anniversary this week (love you Mom!!!) 
#206 - a good cry on the way home after receiving a generous donation of food given to our family
#207 - scratchy, busy birds building outside my window
#208 - little ones who wander in to snuggle in the middle of the night

Won't you join us in counting and giving glory to our good
and gracious God, who gives time and time again? 

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