Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fishing with the family

Less than a week after our first trip out to the lake, we planned an evening of fun, fishing, and food with my parents, my sisters and their families, and our crew.  We fished until dark and had a cook-out (including smores) over the fire.  It was a lovely night!! 

Neil fishing with Pookey and Max

Max caught a fish that made it out of the water - he was SO excited!!

This was Pookey's fish that was TOO big to get out with the pole.  Neil had to use a net to get it out!  He caught one of the biggest fish that night! 

Fone, Mario and their cousin

one of the many fish that Fone caught

Pookey and Ariel fishing (look at the the reflection of the clouds!!)

Ariel fishing (isn't this picture of the reflection of the clouds beautiful?!!!) 

Pookey and Max eating dinner

such a handsome guy!  :)

Rose and her cousin

My big sister (in orange) trying to make our baby sister (in green) touch the fish! 

Melody and one of her many fish

my Dad scaring the little boys with some nasty-smelling stink bait to catch catfish

Pookey and one of his many "best buddies"

3 sweet girls roasting smores

my niece and her fish! 

And, I've saved the"best for last"....  I was brave enough to actually take off the fish and throw it back in the lake.  I thought if my 15 year old niece is brave enough to do it, then so can I!  Plus, by doing so and getting over my fear of touching nasty slimy fish, I can help my husband and kiddos during our fishing trips even more.  I'm so glad I did, and so thankful I had my lovely niece to show me that I could do it!! 

Doesn't she make it look so easy?!!!! 

Not posing all pretty as my niece, but got the job done!!  Yippeeee!!  

Thank you God for fun, family, and fishing!  Thank you for leisure time with the family and for finding the beauty of your creation by spending time outdoors.  Thank you for the courage to touch a fish, like my niece, and her great example! 

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