Thursday, June 20, 2013

Homemade slip-n-slide

This past Sunday was Father's Day, and it's become an annual tradition that my father-in-law creates and runs a homemade slip-n-slide for his grandkids that day (and also a couple other times during the summer!).  The kids absolutely love it!!  My father-in-law is so good at creating things and he also perfects his creations as well - what a gift he has!  He uses black plastic and corrugated pipe for tile for the sides (that way the kids don't fall off).  He has created a little pool at the bottom by looping the pipe and this makes for a great (and safe!) splash at the end.  To run the slide, he shoots water down it, and has the kids lather up with baby wash, and uses the dads as the pushers to get a good sling down the hill.  What a blast it is!! 

"rub a dub dub - 3 boys in a tub"

the 2 littles stayed inside, but still had a great time!

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