Tuesday, May 27, 2014

First fishing adventure of 2014

This past weekend, we made it out to the lake for the first time this year.  And, as always, fun was had by all!  Lots of bites, a few fish caught, 2 dozen worms gone, bugs swarming all around us, smiles, giggles and memories made of family love and bonding time.  My sweet husband, maybe, got his pole in a few times.  It's a big job putting worms on the hooks, helping little ones reel in their catch, untangling stuck lines, etc...  And, my clumsy self, wore some slip-on shoes and slipped and took a little fall when untangling one of those lines - doh!  It's always a great time to ...s...l...o...w... down and take time to enjoy the outdoors and each other on beautiful nights like that.

Isn't this cheesy smile from our sweet Rose just the cutest ever??
Never tire of seeing her smile like that!!  

Always love fishing with my sweet sister, her husband, and sweet boys!!  

++Thank you, God, for family, fishing, 
fun and beautiful weather!!!++

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