Sunday, May 4, 2014

MAY the FOURTH be with you!!!

Melody's FHC trip back in 2012, posing with a life size Lego creation of Darth Vader

 Max making his first Light Saber at Disney in 2013

We are a Star Wars family, that is no doubt!!!  And, in a family where Star Wars is a favorite, we can not let a day like this go by without celebrating.

First off, we started the morning with watching the first Star Wars movie  (notice the cute kiddos in jammies!).  Then they watched #4 in the afternoon, and will probably watch the new Yoda Chronicles sometime this evening. All enough to make for plenty of happy kids to get to watch this much tv in one day, which is definitely not a norm in our house.  But special days require special exceptions, eh?

And, of course, we had to work in FOOD FUN!!!  We used a lot of the same food items for lunch that we used back in February for Max's Star Wars themed birthday party...

Luke Skywalking Taco's
Hans Rolo's
Leia Buns (honey buns)
Dark Side chocolate pudding
Darth Vadorade (red gatorade)
Star Wars fruit snacks (will save these for one of the movies)

We also have a couple favorite Star Wars videos that we had to watch as well.  Enjoy!!!!

"Cello Wars" by The Piano Guys

"Let the Saga Begin" by Weird Al

Star Wars Christmas special (although it is not a favorite, and is known as the WORST Star Wars video out there.  Neil said George Lucas asked for it to be destroyed because it was that bad!)

What fun it is a family to have silly traditions like this to grow and bond together!!!  

Have a blessed day and 
MAY the FOURTH be with you!!! 

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