Friday, May 2, 2014

A ding-and-dash kind of day

What a fun day the kids and I had today... finishing up almost 20 May Day baskets and delivering them all to our wonderful neighbors, family and friends that live close by.  Having done May Day basket deliveries a kid myself, I *knew* I wanted to make this a tradition for my own family as well.  We are going strong on many years now, but had to miss last year, since we were on a special family vacation. Our wonderful neighbors were probably so heart-broken and worried last year, when they never got a delivery.  Well, not this year... they got the surprise of a sweet little basket of flowers on their doorstep and maybe if they were lucky, catch a glimpse of some sneaky, meddling kids.

We make up two different sets of baskets - one for families (with some sort of juice drink and a couple snacks, along with some flowers) and another set of a basket with flowers for those without young kids at home.  We made up almost 18 baskets total - we have lots of love we gotta share!!!  

Here are some pictures of what we put in the baskets and what they looked like...

 These paper plate baskets turned out so cute and were super easy to make!!!

 Printable "Happy May Day" tags

 we've used these cute tags in the past with a sweet May Day poem 

 Had to throw in a paper flower too - some cutsie paper tulips!!  

 All done and ready to go!!!!

 Close up shot of the goodies (these were the baskets we gave to families with kids)

Dinging and dashing... (I always LOVE the frantic pictures of kids running back to me as fast as they can!!)

++Praying you all have a blessed May filled with flowers, fun, and cheer!!!++
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