Sunday, May 4, 2014

Good Friday - 2014

Although Good Friday is a "down day" in our house in remembrance of the sacrifice Our Lord made for us, there are two things we always do and look forward to as a family - our Good Friday tea and Good Friday service at our church (the only day with no Mass).

Each food item below tells the story of Christ's Passion.  Here are pictures from our faith-filled Good Friday tea...

**The Water Bowl**

**The King's Crown**

**Out of Envy**

**Purple Cloak**

**The Crown of Thorns**

**The Seamless Garment**

**The Two Robbers**

**Vinegar To Drink**

**The Temple Curtain**

**Roman Centurion**

**Laid In The Tomb**

Thanks to Alice at Cottage Blessings for creating this tea idea and for Jessica at Shower of Roses for always inspiring me as a mother how to build our own domestic church.  Jessica made the printable signs for each food item - they can be found here.  My link from 2012 can be found here with more details on what each food item was.

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