Monday, June 2, 2014

Landscaping help needed - yay or nay??

We added on this ginormous garage a few years ago to fit our ginormous van.  With our hilly lot, the back of the garage slopes down into our backyard and it is an almost impossible task to landscape. Our kids, both boys and girls, love to dig.  As soon as this space was built, we found our little ones out digging like crazy here.  This became *the* safe place to dig in our yard - it is up against a wall (the back of the garage) and not in the middle of the yard where someone will fall into the holes that are dug.  So, that becomes a "not so pretty" part of our yard, not that our yard is perfectly landscaped anyways - it's a far cry from it.  But this is the kid-zone and they can dig all they want.  So, what do you think??  Should we pretty it up a bit or just let our own little "landscapers" enjoy their digging time??

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