Saturday, June 21, 2014

Little Flowers Mother/Daughter Tea ~ 2014

***  Little Flowers ~ the girls  ***

***  Little Flowers ~ the momma's  ***

Today was our year-end celebration of a wonderful year of learning about the saints and virtues in our Little Flowers Girls Club.  Ariel was in wreath 2 and Melody was in the Hospitality group this past year. 

We began our gathering with a prayer (snitched the one Jessica and her crew used last year).

The mom and daughter pairs sat by each other and had to find their table according to a flower chart - each table had a certain flower on it - what a cute connection since our group is called "Little Flowers".  It was a so nice sitting with my girls too, because in years past I know the girls sat with girls, and the moms sat with other moms.  I was so happy to sit by my two beautiful daughters!!


For food, we had tea party treats and lots of mini sandwiches and desserts - potluck-style!  Of course, we also had a "tea table" so the girls and moms could pick their own flavor and make their own tea.  And, when each girl left, they were able to take home their very own teacup as a favor - what a special treat!!

The theme of our celebration was Our Lady Guadalupe and the girls colored pictures of Our Lady Guadalupe, made an Our Lady Guadalupe grotto, made a cute flower decoration, worked on a Virtue and Flower crossword puzzle and word find, and we even had 2 pinatas to break!  Wreaths 1 and 2 girls and their moms broke the first pinata, and wreath 3 and the Hospitality girls and their moms broke the second one.  Before the actual breaking of the pinata, the girls each wrote a sin/temptation and glued it onto the pinata, so as they slugged and beat the pinata, they are telling Satan and sin to "Be gone!".  It was neat to have the symbolization with this game!  All the hooting and hollering and cheering was quite funny as many of the moms and girls were in fancy dresses, yet at the same time swinging a stick and beating at the pinata!  This was one of the highlights of the celebration for sure!!

(Melody's crafts)

(Ariel's crafts)

We ended our gathering with three moms reading the "Patience" prayer from one of my favorite mother's prayer books by Donna Marie Cooper O'Boyle. 


++Thank you, God, for our Little Flowers Catholic Girls Club, and most especially my two darling, beautiful, faith-filled Little Flowers girls.++

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