Thursday, June 19, 2014

Mom-isms: giving it a try!!

Sweet Donna Marie Cooper O'Boyle is hosting her first "Momisms" link-up this week (actually was meant for Monday) but she sent out a reminder today that it could be anytime this week!  Yippeeeeee!!!  How sweet of her to be patient with not-so-perfect bloggers like myself!! 

What are some "Momisms" in my life, some "mommy moments"?

1-  Running kids to and from extra summer classes and camps!!  Last week was our church's VBS and this week the big boys have a Survival 4H camp.  This week's class is only an hour long, so the days I do drop off, the littles and I just stay at the park to play.  It's been a super hot and humid this week - probably the hottest so far this summer!  But...  we have stuck it out and enjoyed our time on the Island!!

2-  This little Beauty of mine, Rose, loves her books and to be read to.  Being a busy momma of 7, it's hard to take time to sit and read to "just her".  But when her six older siblings are in bed, she takes advantage of that mommy and daddy one-on-one time.  Tonight she pulled book after book after book after book off the shelf.  What a sweet little girl and such a special time!!


3-  Having a crew of kids, being a stay-at-home mom, and homeschooling them often are reasons enough for people to ask me, "How do you do it?".  Well, first off, *I* do not.  God is a wonderful God who has graced me with all these little ones and He gives me what I need when I need it!  That being said, having grown up with my own mom at home with us four girls, I was mentored along the way on how to be a mother and a housewife.  That and my mom ran an in-home daycare, so I grew up not only with my 3 sisters but a lot of other "brothers" and "sisters" as well.  I'm sure this was all part of His perfect planning, eh?  My mom was very orderly and always had a system of how things happened and when they happened.  Much of my mom's God-given gifts of orderliness and organization have been passed down to me - thank you, God!!  So a here are just a few simple things that help us maintain order in our household:

***Morning routine - get dressed, make your bed, tidy your room, brush your teeth!!  How wonderful it is for the kids to start their day ready to go and also with a nice tidy room to read in, play in, relax in, etc... 

***saving jammies after being worn only one night, fold them, and put them on your bed - truly cuts down on laundry!!

***working together as a family - we don't have certain chores for certain kids, nor a complicated chore chart/schedule - my kids just know to do one or two chores for mom/dad every day and to jump when asked to jump.  When you have plenty of helping hands and bigger kids who can do more, this really works well for the whole family!

***each of our four big kids take a meal - they help me prepare the meal, set the table, put things away after the meal, and clean-up.  Fone does breakfast every day, Mario does lunch, and Melody and Ariel do dinner. It's nice to always have a helper at mealtimes, and this also is great bonding time as we work together side-by-side!! 

Three was such a nice and doable number to think of Mommy-moments and Mom-isms for the week!  Thank you, Donna Marie, for hosting this link-up!  What fun - definitely looking forward to more!  If you would like to jump on in, click on the link below to add your yours...

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