Saturday, July 19, 2014

37 things we love about you...

You are now officially older than me, dear! And, we love you so much, being an ole man and all!  :)

In honor of your 37th birthday and carrying on the tradition of listing the blessings per year of life, we each took a turn sharing why we love you so much!!

from Rose...
#1 - how you hold me close and snuggle me
#2 - how you wrestle me and use me as your barbell...

from Pookey...
#3 - you let me have granola bars
#4 - you give me candy
#5 - you tuck me in bed
#6 - we both have brown eyes
#7 - when we wrestle together

from Max...
#8 - you take us fishing

#9 - you love us
#10 - and I love you
#11 - you let us play outside
#12 - you let us go on vacations

from Ariel...
#13 - you took me on a First Holy Communion trip
#14 - you wrestles with us
#15 - you love me
#16 - you are my dad
#17 - you care for us

from Melody...
#18 - you cook good food, like spaghetti
#19 - you are lots of fun

#20 - you go on the slip-n-slide with us
#21 - you let us do privilege
#22 - you gave us a trampoline

from Mario...
#23 - taking us to the Brothers of St John camp

#24 - making us pancakes
#25 - you let us do cool things
#26 - you allowed us to have our own room in the basement
#27 - being my dad

from Fone...
#28 - how you take Matt and I out to movies

#29 - takes us to sport games
#30 - you are funny
#31 - letting us go to cool camps
#32 - you make a mean bowl of spaghetti

My turn...
#33 - your touch and warmth
#34 - your giggle - you never hold back and I love how you just let it all out.  I loved going to see comedies with you when we were dating, not to watch the movie, but to hear you laugh
#35 - you are an amazing helper and great teammate of mine - like I have always said, "you can do anything I can except grow, give birth to, and nurse our babies"
#36 - how you give yourself completely to the kids and I every day - willingly and lovingly
#37 - how we get to walk this journey of faith together daily, and most especially the blessings and CrAzInEsS of having a large family with another little blessing on the way.  Thank you for being such a great man of faith, who knows how to put God first and for leading us all to our heavenly home!!

And, I know we already hit #37, but our littlest one wanted to chime in and thank you for being his Daddy and that he can't wait to meet you, be held by you and smooched by you in October...

Happy birthday to my wonderful, handsome husband!  

I love you forever and always!!  

May God continue to bless you and draw you even closer to Him this upcoming year!!  

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