Thursday, July 3, 2014

{pretty, happy, funny, real} ~ summer days

~Capturing the context of contentment of everyday life~

I know I post many pictures of our sweet Rose, but I know you would all probably agree that she most definitely qualifies as {pretty} and adorable and squishy and chubby and silly and on and on and on...  But since this is my first {pretty, happy, funny, real} post, I thought I better start off with one of my beauties.  First is one of her cheesy smile pictures and in the next few, she is showing off her bracelets and "new" purse that her sisters dug out and filled for her this morning.  

Wanna makes kids {happy} in this house??  All you gotta do is take them to the library!!!  They LOVE to read and be read to!  Here are my six oldest posing after a library trip a few days ago holding one of the books they checked out....

Fone and Mario love to make videos with their Lego Stop Motion app on our iPad.  Some of the videos they have created take setting up and snapping 100+ pictures, all planned perfectly to tell a story.  The boys work so well together and love every minute of it.  I love their silly voices that they use too - just makes me giggle!!  This is one of my favorites - I think you would agree that it most definitely qualifies as {funny}....

We had some strong storms roll through the area on Monday, all within a few hours of each other.  We lost power during the first storm and our sump pump stopped working.  Tie that in with the 2-3 inches that fell already made for a slightly wet basement.  Our wetness was very minor compared to others in this area, so I am super thankful for that.  Things dried out pretty fast thanks to our dehumidifier and fans and my husband who rocks at using the shop vac!!  Our power returned a little before the second storm and thankfully, we kept our power through that one and didn't have any more water to deal with.  But....  when I woke up the next morning and looked out into our back yard, I saw another {real} issue that we were going to have to deal with from the storm...  (one of our trees broken in two - doh!!  Guess it's going to be coming down now!!)


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