Thursday, July 17, 2014

Mom-ism post #4

My fourth Mom-ism post coming your way....

***   #1   ***

Before the school year ended, I was already looking into camps and classes to get the kids signed up for so that they could continue their school in a fun way outside of the home.  So far, with it being only mid-July, the kids have done two weeks of VBS, Fone and Mario did a Camping/Survival camp, and now this week, the three big kids are taking part in an art camp at our local library!  I prayed for God to open the doors to some sort of art enrichment for the kids and by golly, not only does He provide it, He made it super easy....  just a few minutes away at our local library, fully grant funded (meaning FREE) and they spend 3 hours learning techniques and style in such a great environment every day this week!  And to top that off, they have two of their cousins joining them in the camp all week. It has been a fun busy summer so far with lots of running, but having big kids makes the loading and unloading and transitions more smooth than they ever have.  And my littlest kids have enjoyed getting more mommy-time with their bigger siblings being away, not to mention, they have been such troopers being trucked around from place to place.  (The above pic is just a sampling of what the kids have been making.  After tomorrow, I am hoping to post more details and pictures of what they created)

***   #2   ***

I had to take sweet Melody to the eye doctor yesterday to have her eyes checked.  She has been threatened the last few appointments that she *may* need glasses soon.  Well this appointment was very clear, that she was indeed near-sighted.  Poor thing, we went to pick out glasses at the optical center right after her appointment - with her very blurry dialated eyes - and she couldn't even hardly see the glasses.  So, even though the rest of my crew was at grandma's and it was super convenient to get glasses ordered right then and there, I told her we would come back.  So, Neil and I worked some things out today and squeezed in a time today where I could take her back - with normal eyes - and she was able to look at the sizes and styles and colors and picked out the perfect pair.

***   #3   ***

With a busy day of art camp, play time with some cousins, picking out eyeglasses, we decided to just have a night at home.... our favorite pizza for dinner, playing and running around outside, baths/showers for everyone, and soon our family prayers to end this perfect day.  These times at home are so wonderfully beautiful and peace-filled.  Our kids love each other, love playing with each other and we truly enjoy just the grace-filled simple moments of being at *home*.

++Thank you, God, for the gift of being a mommy and all these 
grace-filled "mommy moments" that you sent my way!!++

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