Sunday, March 8, 2015

5 months ago...

...this sweet handsome guy, Yoda, was born into our crew of young ones.  What a gift he is to us all!

So, what is he up to now-a-days???

  • eating (momma's milk - for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks whenever he wishes)
  • chewing (on toys, fingers, his bib, pacifier, basically whatever he can get to his mouth)
  • crying - yes, as child #8, he's a little demanding and crying can get him practically anything he wants.  He cries and multiple people jump to help him, especially his "other mother", Melody
  • "creaming his pants" (yes, this is a talent that almost all nursing babies have - lol!)
  • singing - and this captures all of our hearts
  • giggles - when he's being played with or tickled (poor guy is SO ticklish!)
  • smiles - such a happy little guy
  • "blurping" - he is an over-eater and spits quite frequently - just call him a "glutton baby"
++Thank you, God, for the last 5 months with our sweet Yoda!  Please continue to shine Your love and life through him and help him feel Your presence!++

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