Sunday, March 15, 2015

Siblings make the best of friends

Two weeks ago today, we had snow on the ground and more ice/snow on the way.   It's hard to believe that we've been enjoying temps in the 50's all week now.  Spring is finally here and we are loving it!  I can barely keep the kids in!!  Other than this little guy - he's staying inside plenty with me.  It's still pretty cool for him to be out.  Plus I like the one-on-one time with him!!!  He is so stinkin' cute and sweet.  He just coo's and goo's and giggles when he sees me.  I guess he loves his momma!  :)

This weekend was another Cursillo renewal weekend in our area.  How blessed I am to be helping chair the kitchen with my 3 sisters and my mom.  I never knew growing up how close we would be to each other as adults.  Siblings truly do make the best of friends.  So do moms (and dads too!).  I can only hope and pray that our own young ones will treasure their siblings and love them as much as I do mine!!

++Thank you, God, for the gift of siblings!!!++
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