Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Proud mom moment

Well, to correct myself, it's not just 'one' proud mom moment, it's many.  It's seeing my boys take what they have learned from a video making class last summer and run with it.  Fone and Mario took a 4H film-making class and have been making videos non-stop since then.  After having been so consistent and using their time wisely to make these videos, not to mention the one-on-one bonding time spent as brothers (precious!!!!!), Neil and I let them start up their own YouTube channel - Funny Boys Productions.

***Go there and see all the things they have created!!  You will not be disappointed.  Better yet, like and subscribe so as not to miss another Funny Boys video***

A week ago, we attended the Premiere Party and viewing for the Short Film Contest put on by all the local libraries in our area. Of course, our own Funny Boys had a submission and we knew they would do a fantastic job.  

We started the night enjoying a pizza party as a family.  

Our movie stars even got the red carpet treatment, along with all the other teens who submitted videos!!  

And, then everyone went into the HUGE imax theater and we got to see the videos on the big screen.  It was so neat!!!

At the end of the night, awards were given and our boys won the Viewers Choice Award and CASH prize!!!  They were thrilled!!  Here they are receiving their award and Fone giving the acceptance speech....

++Thank you, God, for instilling in our funny boys a sense of creativity and love for each other!!++

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