Friday, January 22, 2016

7 Quick Takes - Newness All Around

As we walk through life, the only true constant is change.  But I'd like to add to that - and God!  He is always there for us.  Always knocking on the doors of our hearts.  Always waiting.  Always loving.  And, if we are striving daily to love please Him... to grow closer to Him..., then we need to be open to change and the newness of our daily routine and lives.  A change of heart.  A change of life.  A change of pace.  Whatever it may be, He is constantly molding and shaping us into the persons we are meant to be.  Change is going to and should happen.  We might as well accept it.  

Many new things have happened this week and last week and here's a peek at what God has been doing in our lives - the newness that He has created and allowed for us....

We are now in Ordinary Time in our faith.  Green, it is!!  Green is for growing, right?  But how can anything grown when it's January?  And cold?  And snowy?  Everything is dead outside, but we can let things become dead inside of us.  We must continue with Piety, Study, Action and lean on the Sacraments to get us through daily and continue with the spiritual growth.  

My sweet kids have begged to use a pottery wheel or take an art class where they could.  One of my daughters even wanted to buy one of the little chintzy kits sold at Hobby Lobby.  You know, the like kits that they do once and then are stashed away and forever forgotten about?  Yeah, you know you KNOW!  ;)  Anyways, this momma said "yes" to this experience, because a sweet friends let me know that a local museum (that we already belong to!) has drop in classes multiple times each week where the pottery wheel is available.  Win!!!  I offered to take anyone buy little Yoda, since he's a little too little to work the wheel and play with clay.  He'd only want to eat the clay.  No thanks, sweet baby!  Melody, Ariel, Max, Pookey, and Rose all said "yes" to going.  (I think Fone and Mario thought they wouldn't like it, but I might be able to convince them to go next time!).  What an awesome experience it was!!  Can't wait to take these kiddos back!!

Already blogged on this one, but had to share that this was the first of I'm sure many witnessing experiences for our Fone.  So proud of him for saying "yes" for making it his.  He did a great job sharing on this topic and using his gifts/talents in making it new and fun and enjoyable for all!!  So, if you haven't seen what he did, go NOW and take a look for yourself.  

I'll let this picture of newness speak for itself...   Be sure to let me know what you think. This cutie (and all my cuties are the biggest fan of the blog here!)  

Newness in this little guy's medical history.  Yoda now has a new piece of hardware in his body, although you can't tell by the picture.  He had TUBES surgery this week from reoccuring ear infections (7 last year!).  I'm sure he's bound to start feeling better and be an even happier baby.  

Newness in school!!  February Funk and the dryness and deadness of this time of year can get everyone down, including my kids.  So, I added a couple new fun things to our school routine...
*Prodigy (math games app - the kids have really been loving it!!)
*new Draw Write Now journal books for the kids who didn't have them
*a kit for some Geography studies
*some cute dot coloring books and markers for Miss Rose

And, last, but not least of all, I'm part of a fun and exciting new adventure...  I'm one of the blogging momma's at Cuppa Catholic!!  Go, now, and join me (and some other great moms and friends) for some fun chattin' about family, life and our faith!!  

Please click the image below to head on over to This Ain't The Lyceum for more 7 Quick Takes....

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