Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Happy Epiphany!!!

Today we celebrate Epiphany!!  

We went to Epiphany Mass on Saturday night as a family, but we still celebrated Epiphany as a family and the three wise men reaching Jesus today.  We've had three sweet little wise men searching all Advent long and even after Christmas for the star that would lead them to baby Jesus.  And today, they reached their destination.  This has been a fun tradition that we have done the last couple years now - it's called Wise Men Adventures.  (a great alternative to the Elf on the Shelf).

Today we set out our favorite Epiphany books, the Wise Men's gifts, and our adorable Humphrey, whom we all just adore.  The Humphrey book captured our hearts years ago and we all just love him to pieces!!!

Our kids normally get 3 presents from us on this day as well, since Jesus himself received the three gifts from the wise men.  However, we kinda did some group gifts this year just to simplify things a tad.  The kids got a family gift called Osmo, a fun new board game to play as a family and some boats to play with and take to an upcoming trip to an indoor waterpark (squeee!).

++Lord, help us to always keep searching for and finding You throughout our lives.  Help us always keep our eyes and hearts and lives fixed on You!++

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