Saturday, January 2, 2016

A Minion birthday party

Sweet Pookey turned 6 just a few days before Christmas last year, so very long ago, eh?  Hee hee!  ;)

He had his first real birthday party, although it was only a cousin party.  But it's still a great crowd of boys and we all know how "cousins can make the best of friends".  When our kids turn 7, that's when they get to invite friends.  So Pookey has to wait one more year for that one.

Here's a look at all the fun we had....


**Yellow and Blue streamers 

**Yellow balloons (decorated with Minion eyes and drawn in mouths)


**Minion Corn Dogs (mini corn dogs)

**Minion Applesauce

**Agnes' caterpillars

**lemonade (any YELLOW drink will do!)

**corn (had to throw in a  YELLOW veggie, right?)


**Minion Treasure (egg) Hunt


**Pin the Banana on the Minion

**Minion tattoos

**Minion coloring pages

**Bob Says (just like Simon Says)

**Goodie bags (for each boy to take home) - filled with Minion fruit snacks, Minion pencils, Minion tatoos and stickers, coloring pages, and candy


And, a BIG thanks to our awesome helpers - my son, Mario, and two of my sweet nephews!!!   They ran the the party!  Aren't big kids just great?!!!

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