Wednesday, March 16, 2016

10 Things We Love About You

It's your birthday today, dear!!

TEN!!!   10 years old!!!  Can that be???!!!

We have been blessed by having you in our life in SO many ways!  Here's 10 of them, just to get us started...

#1 - You always step up to do the work/chores that no one else ever wants to do.  (Mario)

#2 - You are always willing to help me build Lego sets (Pookey)

#3 - You play Barbies with me.  (Rose)

#4 - You are always happy (Melody)

#5 - She's my little leprechaun!!  (Fone)

#6 - Your JOY, your smile, your vibrance for life!!  (Mommy)

#7 - I like it that she plays Lego's with me (Max)

#8 - your silly giggle (Daddy)

#9 - You are always willing to help and love and snuggle me when I need it.  (Yoda)

#10 - You are FUN!!!  (Melody)

++Loving God, you created all the people of the world and you know each of us by name. We thank you for "Ariel", who celebrates her birthday today. Bless her with your love and friendship that she may grow in wisdom, knowledge, and grace. May she love her family always and be faithful to her friends. Amen. ++
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