Thursday, March 10, 2016

Thankful Thursday - ed #1

It's the small stuff.  Grace, love, and joy can be found in the smallest most ordinary moments of every day life.  I had a couple today that I wanted to share...

**Sweet Pookey came to me and told me he wiped clean the toothpaste dispenser because it was all gunky and gross.  This is normally a job I do once a week on my own, but he noticed before me and did it all on his own.  No prompting at all!  Just saw a job that needed to be done and did it.  He's 6 years old, by the way.

**We just got back from a little trip up to WI last night and I had mountains of laundry and unpacking to do today, so I was just going to let the kids have the day off school today.  This sweet kid ate breakfast, showered and got his basket of schoolbooks out and began working all on his own.  Wasn't told.  Just did it.  Because he's homeschooled and that's what you do on a weekday.  WOW!  Mario blew me away!!

++Thank you, God, for showing your presence so beautifully in these small but really BIG ways.  You are truly here and present with us daily!++

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