Thursday, March 31, 2016

Thankful Thursday - ed #2

When we bought our house over 15 years ago, we bought an older home and only calculated my hubby's income when it came to how much we could afford for a mortgage....   We *really* wanted to buy a new house and include both of our incomes.  But, I am SO thankful my mother-in-law spoke up and said that we should not calculate my income because once we start having babies, I may not want to go back to teaching and that I'll want to stay home instead.  Wow!  Was she right!  I have stayed home as a full time mommy ever since baby #1 arrived!!  I am ever so grateful we "settled" with an older house and only took into account my husband's income, and not my teaching salary as well.

Having bought an older/smallish house, we have had to make many renovations to help our house grow as we grew, little by little....  We added on a large two story addition when Mario was a baby.  When we had our sixth baby, we grew out of our normal mini van, and bought Big Red.  Shortly thereafter, we added on a larger garage that would fit it.  Then we renovated our kitchen and dining room.  Two years ago, we finished off our basement.  And, now we are in the process of a complete renovation in our main bathroom upstairs.  Phew!!!  When we are done with all these renovations, we'll practically have a new house.

So today's "Thankful Thursday" post is for those wise words shared and listened to.



 (stay tuned for completed pictures in the next few weeks!!)

++Thank you, God, for wisdom shared and open ears to hear!!!++

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