Thursday, August 18, 2016

12 Things We Love About YOU!!!

Our first August birthday is here!  Melody turns 12 years old today!!

To celebrate here on the blog, we wanted to share 12 Things We Love About Her along with 12 pictures from the past year....

#1- that you are my sister (Ariel)

#2-  that she plays games with me    (Pookey)

#3-  that we like to read the same books (Mario)

#4- how responsible, mature, and helpful she is (Mom)

#5- her lovin's and snuggles (Yoda)

#6- that she is pretty and beautiful (Rose)

#7- how good she is with kids (Fone)

#8- when she tickles me  (Max)

#9-  we are a lot alike - she likes to do what I do (Ariel)

#10- that I get to wear her old dresses (Rose)

#11- how much she reminds me of her mother (Dad)

#12- she is a mini-me (Mom)

++Thank you, Lord, for Melody!!  Please bless her today on her birthday.  Help her feel your love. And please help her feel your presence all throughout the next year!!++

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