Monday, August 29, 2016

Tips for Traveling to Yellowstone with Kids

What I learned about Yellowstone 
(and some tips for you)....

#1- We were not prepared for the #s (parking lots are nutso - they need to expand upon them for sure)

#2- Pit toilets are gross!!  many of our kids wouldn't even use them and would hold themselves until we reached a real toilet.  So take advantage of the nicer toilets when you see them.  Make everyone go or at least try.  

#3- Skeeters are nasty, so have bug spray handy and constantly reapply (that and sunscreen)

#4- High elevation can cause sickness (vomiting!) and being short of breath (this really affected me being pregnant!).

#5- Lots of curvy roads, cliffs, mountains and my weak tummy/nervous self had a hard time with it all (Sea bands helped me tremendously!  That and prayer....)

#6- Pack a picnic lunch and lots of snacks and drinks.  There are not many restaurants in the park and with all the driving that you do, it's best to come prepared with your own snacks and meals.

#7- God's magnificent beauty - you will be filled with wondered and awe

#8- Be prepared for the many dangers - a life was lost in Norris during our stay.  Use an ergo or a sling for your baby, so that you have two free hands for hand-holding two more kids.  And, even though your bigger kids and teens are really smart and invincible, give them rules and explain the dangers to them as well.  Not all of the paths have rails and it could be very easy to slip off with the crowds alone.

#9- Be respectful of the wildlife - this is their home, we are their guests.

#10- You will get to experience many different cultures - more foreigners than Americans it seemed.  (This group of Chinese tourists jumped in our family picture and photobombed it)


To see the other places we visited on our trip Way Our West, click the image below....

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