Wednesday, August 24, 2016

15 Things We Love About You!!!!!

We should have known that when you were born on your actual due date, that it would be a little hint of the person you would become.  Fifteen years ago, when I woke up with contractions, I knew it would be the day I would get to meet you and I couldn’t wait to become a mom.  Every day since then, I am so blessed and grateful to be a mom.  YOUR mom!  We love you SO much!!  Here’s just a small sampling of the reasons why we love you….

15 things we love about you, to celebrate your 15th birthday!!!!!!! 

#1 – how handsome you are!!  (Mom)

#2 – how he plays Pokemon Go and is so good at it (Max)

#3 – he plays baseball with me (Pookey)

#4 – how he is so responsible and good at his school work (Mom)

#5 – he helps me with my school (Ariel)

#6 – he’s my best friend (Mario)

#7 – I like his hair (Rose)

#8 – how he is so fun to watch play video games (Melody)

#9 – he plays games with me when he babysits me (Rose)

#10 – how helpful you are to your family and how much we rely on you (ex:  if you don’t pack the van, half of the stuff we need is forgotten)   (Dad)

#11 – he helps me build new lego sets (Pookey)

#12 – he’s the big guy and I’m the tiny guy (Yoda)

#13 – how he plays Super Smash Bros with me (Max)

#14 – he lets me play his ipad (Ariel)

#15 – you have a great sense of humor and make us all laugh  (everyone)

++Thank you, Lord, for Fone!!  Please bless him today on his birthday.  Help him feel your love. And please help him feel your presence all throughout the next year!!++

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