Wednesday, August 17, 2016

CSJ Boys Camp 2016 - "Whatever You Do"

Two weeks ago today, I waved goodbye to my hubs and two oldest sons (and two nephews who rode with) as they drove away for a campout with the Community of St. John.  With a few tears in my eyes.  When you are married and completely one in your marriage, a parting such as this is hard.  But so worth it, because of the amazing opportunity that comes with it.

So what is Boys Camp and what do they do?


(Look at that cutie in the top left!!  Can I admit how my heart skipped a beat EVERY time I saw him in the video - see below....)




(father of 8 - soon to be 9 - has the gift of delegation down perfectly.  Don't you love his pointed finger in giving direction?!)


Here's this year's video of pictures from the camp....
(which some of the pictures from above were taken from it, so I apologize for any blurriness)

++Thank you, God, for the Community of St. John for leading this wonderful camp every summer for our boys and giving the boys such a beautiful experience on what living their Catholic faith is like. Thank you for your Body of Christ, living and present and shining so brightly on retreats like this!!++

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