Saturday, May 6, 2017

A Young momma

Last Monday, after our beautiful blessed Sunday, I had a birthday.  My last year in the 30's.  Better enjoy it while I'm young, eh?  Because I was still recovering from my kidney stone surgery and the fun stent, I was feeling not so young.  But thankfully, God blessed me in so many ways - kids and hubby who loved me and jumped all day for me to make me more comfortable (Neil even had lunch delivered), sweet friends stopped over gifting food and a Catholic Russian Doll set.  My sisters gifted me with Bath and Body Works lotions and soaps.  My in-laws dropped off some morrel mushrooms to fry up and eat - yummy!!!  And I received many texts and phone calls wishing me a "happy birthday".  I felt so loved and blessed, despite feeling cruddy.  God's grace has a way of distracting your mind sometime to focus on and enjoy the love around you a little more on special days like this.  And, I sure felt the love.  It was a great day!

++Thank you, God, for the gift of life and all these birthday blessings!!++

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