Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Stinkin' Stones

Yeah!  Stinkin' stones!  Would't you think they could have held off a little while and not pop up in the middle of a crazy few weeks of Sacraments, dances, birthdays and plays?  Ah well, not much we can do but say "yes" and accept these goofey burdens/crosses when they come our way.  Last Wednesday, I had to have a second "blasting" surgery.  It was not a BLAST, by the way.  Although I'm very happy to say that I did not react to the antibiotic and thankfully, had a normal recovery.  I actually woke up!  No hives or throwing up this time.  I was able to walk on my own, get dressed, sipped the sprite and munched on crackers.  I was such a good patient this time around!!  Go me!!!

++Thank you, God, for a smooth surgery the second time around!!++
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