Monday, May 8, 2017

Arthur and Merlin play

Fone and Melody were casted parts in the spring play at the local children's theater.  They had two months of practices and for the last month, their practices picked up to 4-5 nights a week.  It's pretty intense and a lot of work.  Not to mention a lot of driving to and from by dearest mom and dad.  With my kidney stones popping up in the middle of all this, it made it a little harder too.  But thankfully with Neil's parents helping with rides and another sweet mom whose daughter was also in the play, things went very smooth.  And the two weekends of plays were SO enjoyable.  Fone is so dramatic and had a pretty big part and did amazing!  And Melody is just adorable up on stage - she gives her all and enjoys every minute of it.  It's so much fun as a mom to see your kids up on stage and knowing what to do and say with such ease. Such a proud momma!!!

++Thank you, God, for the blessing of theater, fine arts, and the confidence it provides our kids!!++
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