Sunday, June 5, 2011

Muddy, Mucky Mess

For those of you who know me personally, I am a little anal-retentive particular about keeping things clean and orderly around here.  With six busy, active kids, this can obviously be a challenge but on the flip side it becomes one of the ways to help me lighten up get to heaven.  Anyways, Melody is typical girl and loves to talk.  This morning, she went on and on about how she wants to paint the sidewalks with mud, paint the windows with mud, her body with mud, her walls inside the house with mud, etc....  Then she shared that this would have to happen at her own house someday, when she grows up, because I "never let them play in mud"....  So, as we progressed throughout this lovely summer day today of playing outside, gardening, bike rides, yard work, etc... we decided to break out our kid wash for the first time this year.  Our driveway is sloped to allow the water to run off and down our hill and has created this lovely (or not so much) pitted-river.  So, the kid-wash had water pouring down our hill and there was a nice muddy river forming and some kids (guess who was first??) noticed it and started playing in it.  Remembering what Melody had shared earlier in the day and God gracing me with that special talk with her, I decided to bite my tongue and let them continue in this play.  I am so thankful I did!  What a wet, sloppy, slippery, and dare I say - FUN way to play.  Here's some pictures of the kids enjoying the muddy river....

Melody - the discoverer of the mud (surprise, surprise!)

more kids getting in on the fun

dirty little piggies

Uh oh!....1 young one down!

Uh oh!....  a 2nd young one down!

Uh oh!...  a 3rd young one down!

Uh oh!... a 4th young one down!

Pookey discovered his own version of wet play

Splish, splash, taking a bath!

And, then he found the planter sitting right next to the bird bath and decided to eat the dirt.  Yummmmmmmmmmy!!! 
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