Monday, June 27, 2011

Multitudes on Mondays

"Bless the Lord, my soul, 
all my being, bless his holy name."
Psalm 103: 1

In my most recent readings of 1000 Gifts, I am understanding more and more how sacred time is.  Life is so busy.  We are running from one thing to another, with little to no time to breath or think.  That is the excuse many give for not having much (or any) of a prayer life - "I am just too busy".  How can we be too busy?  Too busy for the Lord who watches over ALL?  Too busy for the One who gave ALL to ALL?  We can't be!  We must find Him in the here and now.  But how?  By ...s...l....o...w...i...n...g...   down!  And, how do we slow down?  How to we make time for Him while we hustle and bustle through our days?  We slow down by acts of thanksgiving.  By opening our lives and hearts and minds to His continual presence.  And, when we find Him, we must lift up our hearts of gratitude for Him being with us. 

Here's a peek at some of the ways we have recognized His presence with us this past week....

#358 - an extra large kitchen sink for perfect quick sink baths
#359 - Pookey's squinty eye smile

#360 - a variety of Oreos
#361 - friends to play with on a "Frey"day
#362 - Lizzy's snake egg
#363 - a family of frogs to entertain the kids on a lovely summer day

#365 - Euchre night at my sister's house (not to mention being a winner!!)
#366 - my parent's 38th wedding anniversary
#367 - edible locusts and honey for St. John the Baptist's feast day (one of Fone's many special days)

#368 - Boulevard Pale Ale
#369 - a much needed sweeping of Big Red
#371 - Pookey walking more and more each day

#373 - sudafed 12 hr to help me get a half-way decent sleep
#375 - Pookey smooches
#376 - quarters for the girls at Aldi's
#378 - talking to a friend after Mass and praying for her
#379 - fishing with Daddy

#380 - the beaver tree

#383 - Vicks Kleenex
#384 - morning Mass for Ryan (a 14 y/o boy from our homeschool group having brain surgery today to remove a lesion)

Won't you count with me and the many others
who are working their way to 1000 Gifts (and more!)?


  1. Loved it
    Is that a real beaver chewed tree?

  2. Oh I love #363, a family of frogs to entertain the kids! That's something my kids enjoy doing! They usually put them in a bucket too, although we have had times when we forgot to let them out of the bucket, Oops!!!!

  3. Yes, it's a real beaver tree. However, we won't be seeing many of those around the lake anymore because my bil trapped and skinned him this past fall. Yes, that's what we do with beavers here in IL. ;)

    @ Lisa - doh! I know we've done that with pet bugs a time or two. Thankfully this batch of frogs were released and sent on there way. Isn't nature great for teaching our children an appreciation for all God's creations!!


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