Monday, June 6, 2011

Multitudes on Mondays

"When it comes to life the critical thing is whether 
you take things for granted or take them with gratitude."
-G. K. Chesterton

We're still counting our way towards 1000 Gifts!!  What a joy it is to be alert throughout our days and weeks to find all these gifts from God.  The secret to finding them is simple awareness and an open heart to accept them and know who they come from.  And, then of course, writing them down is our way of fully accepting them and our way of thanking God for his abundant love and living presence right here, right now.

Thanks be to God for these (and all) gifts received over the last 2 weeks....  (I never got around to posting last Monday)

#240 - playing Words With Friends on my new iPhone with....  Neil, Jessica, Michele and Aubrey
#242 - being spared from a fatal car accident that occurred 100 yards in front of us on the way home from Saint Louis
#246 - a home for our dogs when we were gone on vacation
#248 - Mass, play, lunch, devotions, and education at the Our Lady of Snows Shrine too feed us physically and spiritually

#250 - reconnecting with old friends in Maryville on our way home
#254 - a great vacation (from Fone)
#256 - my cousins and friends (from Fone)
#258 - scrabble date night (and win!) with my dh
#259 - boys outgrowing their mothers
#262 - cookout, playtime, swimming on Memorial Day with family
#263 - healthy, homemade breakfasts to start our day (thanks to our new double waffle maker!)
#266 - surprise hugs from kids when you least expect it, but are in most need of it
#267 and #268 - finally getting around to plant our garden and my garden helpers

#270 - smooth trip to the lab with my 2 littles to get a blood draw for myself and Max's "I love you, Mom" to comfort me after the poke
#271 - lots of cousin playtime this week
#272 - a lovely ballet recital for Melody and Ariel this weekend and a yummy girls-only lunch afterwards with cousins/friends

#274 - boys who pull their teeth the moment it is loose and girls who have wiggly teeth for weeks
#277 - Pookey climbing up on his own to play the piano

#279 - saying "yes" to mud play and mess
#280 - our 1st cook-out in the fire pit for the summer and family prayers around the fire
#281 - six sleepy, clean kids after a busy, beautiful, blessed day outdoors and at home all day long! 


Won't you join along in counting your way to 1000 Gifts?  Link up here...

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