Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Multitudes on Mondays (doh, I guess Tuesday this week)

Perhaps the best way to apply the 
doctrine of God’s goodness is to live a 
perpetually thankful life   
-1 Thess. 5:18

 God's presence has been around us all week yet again.  Always here.  Always leading.  Guiding us to our true home if we but listen and open our hearts to Him.  What a joy it is for me to pick up the book that has led me on this journey.  The journey that has brought me one step closer to my heavenly home.  The journey that has made me (and my family) grasp onto the necessity of living a thankful life.  Every day.  Every hour.  Every minute.  And, then, what a joy it is to pick up the pen and write in our journal.  Always searching for and lifting up our hearts in prayers of thanksgiving for the gifts He gives.  
Thanks be to God for these and all the gifts He has given us this past week.... 

#321 - Pookey folding his hands after I asked him,"Can you pray?" and the examples around him to teach him the faith
#322 - yummy banana muffins for breakfast
#323 - a visit with my parents
#324 - a rain walk with my 3 littles while the 3 big ones were at art camp
#326 - a nice camp (Mario)
#327 - chickens to entertain us while at piano
#329 - Melody and her lilies that have finally bloomed

#330 - having a special Father over for dinner to celebrate his Father's Day 
#331 - Mario's climbing talents and a mommy letting go slightly to let a boy be a boy
#333 - back to yummy, cooked breakfasts and slower mornings
#334 - clingy kids who need and love their momma
#336 - Father's Day picnic at my grandparent's nursing home 
#337 - Timber!!  4 dead trees taken down safely
#338 - a terrific Little Flowers Tea to celebrate the end of a wonderful year learning about and growing in the virtues

#340 - Pookey walking at 17 (almost 18!) months to save that special day for his daddy on Father's Day weekend
#342 - for my dad (Fone)
#343 - more and more fireflies each night
#345 - wonderful Father's Day celebrations with my dad, my father-in-law and of course, my wonderful husband and father to our 6 children
#346 - neighbor kids over to play and enjoy the kid wash on a hot summer afternoon
#347 - for Pookey, my little brother, who fed me some cheerios (Melody)
#349 - a found dog and St. Anthony's coming around
#350 - Max being such a trooper despite his eye swelling shut because of a nasty bug bite
#351 - colorful bunches of fresh flowers in my kitchen and dining room
#353 - great finds at a local antique store
#356 - my dad joining me in playing Words With Friends (and of course, my regular competitors, Neil and Jessica)
#357 - Melody and Max joining me for errands and a picnic in the van

Wanna join in on the counting of your 1000 Gifts??  
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