Monday, June 25, 2012

A double anniversary celebration kind of weekend

My parents celebrated 39 years of marriage this past Saturday and are still going strong.  They have brought 6 children into the world to spread their love, and now have 15 grandchildren.  May God continue to bless them as they bring Jesus to each other through the beautiful Sacrament of Marriage!

I love you Mom and Dad!!!!  
May God continue to bless you two!! 

(this picture was from last year though - we were all too busy holding baby Anthony to get a recent one)

And, the second celebration was my grandparents 66th wedding anniversary.  (you may remember the 65th celebration pictures from last year).  They are still going strong in their marriage, and we are thankful for every year that we are able to celebrate another year with them for only God knows which one will be the last.  So these celebrations are definitely a treasure to all who can make it!  Here are some pictures of their special day.....

My mom is the one with a towel draped on her shoulder - lol!  Always ready to work/serve!

5 sweet kids of my cousin, Paula  (they are missing their oldest brother though)

Pookey with his second cousin

more family....

2 of the great-grandsons

2 of my crew (Mario and Melody), a nephew of mine, and another one of the great-granddaughters

my sweet niece and my sweet Ariel



my cousin Amy's, sweet little guy and my big sister in the background

the whole gang! 

just a handful of the great-grandchildren

the happy couple! 

my cousin Vicky's, sweet little guy


my dad in the middle, Uncle Tom (left) and Uncle Keith (right)

3 sons-in-law of my Uncle Keith

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